BitHarp launches the most profitable mining machine on the market

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Wellington, New Zealand, Sept. 16, 2019 (globe Newswire) - bitharp Group Limited, as one of the major manufacturers of cryptocurrency miner  We are very pleased to announce that the company has launched two new high-performance liquid cooled mining equipment. These two mining machines can provide excellent use capacity and unprecedented profit potential. The two mining machines named lyre miner and Harp miner have high hash rate and low power consumption, and are designed to achieve 100% return on investment within one month.

Lyre miner is a powerful and compact mining equipment, which can be used in limited space and provide practical functions such as touch screen interface, easy to operate and monitor. Harp miner is a direct immersion liquid cooled (DLC) miner, focusing on safety and fault tolerance. It eliminates all the risks related to liquid cooling and provides a safe, reliable and economical ecosystem for the mining of cryptocurrency. The power consumption of these two mining machines is 600 watts and 2400 watts respectively.

Lyre miner and Harp miner can be used to mine bitcoin, litecoin, Ethereum and dascoin. The hash rates are as follows.

Lyre Miner: bitcoin 335th / s, Laite 55gh / s, Ethereum 14gh / s, up to 9th / S

Harp Miner: bitcoin 2000th / s, litecoin 300gh / s, Ethereum 75gh / s, up to 50th / S

Bitharp said the two new mining equipment are specially designed and configured to allow ordinary investors with no mining experience or knowledge of the mining benefits of cryptocurrency. With an easy-to-use user interface and powerful functions, anyone can start to make a profit with these devices after the power is turned on.

According to Daniel Cox, bitharp's engineering director, bitharp's products give any type of investor a chance to make profits after one month, so it is a new revolution in the cryptocurrency market;.

about BitHarp:BitHarp It is a cryptocurrency manufacturer in New Zealand, aiming to simplify the mining process and bring more profits to investors, producing the most powerful and flexible mining equipment.

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