BITTECH launches the world's first mining machine

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Bittech launches the world's first miner for neocrypt algorithm

Chinese Business News Network( )Information:

Hong Kong, China, Aug. 29, 2018 (globe Newswire) - bittech Limited has launched a new bittech ns miner, specifically for neocrypt algorithm. At first, neocrypt was generally considered as an ASIC resistant algorithm in the industry. However, it eventually lost its place. Ethash algorithm and equihash algorithm have experienced the same experience when bitcontinent and innosilicon successively launched ASIC miner for the two algorithms respectively.

According to the official announcement, bittech ns mining machine can perform 63.2 million hash calculations per second (equivalent to 55 NVIDIA gtx1080 GPU simultaneous operations), with a power consumption of only 1250 watts, a price of $1890 and a profitability of $30 as of August 29.

The new miner is equipped with 24 chipsets, the specific model has not been disclosed officially. The miner follows the normal appearance of other bittech equipment and is used with Murata or Artesyn power adapter with a rated power of 1600 watts.

The new miner will go on sale in mid October 2018.

Bittech's mining hardware equipment is based on the advanced 10 nanometer semiconductor chip, which is an "integrated" solution. It uses Murata or Artesyn's built-in power supply unit to support thermal replacement. The supporting software is simple and user-friendly, and even novices can successfully complete the setup. All mining machines are accompanied by a 180 day warranty.

Since the beginning of 2017, bittech Limited has been committed to the research and development of 10 nanometer and 14 nanometer advanced chips. Now, the company has completed the related research and development work, and began to provide its own design and production of mining machine hardware for customers. In addition to mining machines and chips, the company plans to build four large data centers in Canada, Iceland, Estonia and Russia. The construction of the Russian data center started in April 2018 and will accommodate 9000 mining machines with a total processing capacity of 21 million watts. At that time, the company will lease part of its computing power to customers based on the host escrow agreement.

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