North American Bitcoin Conference becomes one of the most important crypto events

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North American bitcoin conference becomes one of the most important encryption activities

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North American bitcoin conference becomes one of the most important encryption activities in the world in 2019

Miami, Dec. 18, 2018 (globe Newswire) - cryptocurrencywire report - is widely regarded as one of the most important blockchain meetings of the year to be held in 2019. The North American bitcoin conference hosted by keynote and the world blockchain forum will be held at James L. Knight Center in Miami, Florida, from January 16 to 18, 2019. Now in its seventh year, this top encryption conference will attract cryptocurrency and blockchain leaders from all over the world to join in this historic event.

The North American bitcoin conference is the longest held and most popular financial conference in the blockchain and encryption industry, attracting thousands of participants each time. In 2019, more than 60 world-class speakers will address the conference, including senior technologists and company founders who have jointly raised more than 18.1 billion for the initial token issue (ICOS).

Speakers announced so far include:

David Chaum, inventor of digital cash

Dr. Patrick Byrne,  With t0 founder

Halsey minor, founder of CNET

Veronica McGregor, Person in charge of law

Matthew Roszak, co-founder of bloq

Charlie shrem, bitcoin pioneer

Maja vujinoc, CEO, OGroup

Craig Sellars, co founder of tether

Jason king, co founder of Academy

Bruce Fenton, President of Atlantic financial

Epperly Li, investment director, bitmain

Marco Santori, CEO

Andrew filipowski, chairman of tally capital

Sang Lee, President and CEO of darcmatter

Alexa hefti, head of tax, Deloitte blockchain

Jeffrey Tucker, editorial director, American Institute for Economic Research

In addition to the strong speaker and sponsor lineup above, the conference will also include a new lightning networking conference and creative instalments. Another focus of the conference in January will be dedicated to securities token tracking, which will open up new areas of integration of securities and blockchain technology. The main topics discussed at the conference include investment, legal influence and regulation, decentralization's interference with multiple industries, and successful initial token issuance in the past and present.

Tickets to the Miami North American bitcoin conference are available through order.

Previously, encryption assets released at the same time as the North American bitcoin conference series include:

Ethereum, presented at the North American bitcoin conference in Chicago in August 2014

Dash, presented at the North American bitcoin conference in Miami in January 2016

Litecoin, released at the European blockchain conference in August 2013

Factom, published at the North American bitcoin conference in Miami in January 2016

As a sponsor of bitcoin conference in North America, keynote is the primary organizer of world-class activities in the blockchain industry. The keynote team hopes to provide valuable opportunities for attendees to meet with influential people in the field of encryption, learn about new products and investment opportunities, discuss white papers, and better understand the fast-growing blockchain world. Speakers, exhibitors and sponsors at bitcoin North America represent some of the best blockchain companies and experts in the field.

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